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Invicta Primary School

Looking Beyond Together


I am proud to be the Executive Headteacher of Invicta, a happy and vibrant 2 site primary school which celebrates the diversity of its community. I work with a dedicated and talented team to provide a friendly, caring and inclusive learning environment where our children can feel safe, supported and happy so that they can be successful in their learning. We are creative in our approaches to learning and encourage children's creativity as well as inspiring their curiosity at the beginning of their journey as lifelong learners. I hope very much that you will enjoy looking through our website. If you are a prospective parent or carer please read the messages below from the fantastic Heads of our sites at Deptford and Blackheath, and take a look at our virtual tours too.

Jodie Cawte
Executive Headteacher

Head of School for Invicta Blackheath,

A warm welcome to our school which benefits from a large outdoor space and a beautiful modern building. We have two forms of entry in each year group, with one nursery class that accommodates both full and part time pupils. Everyone at Invicta prides themselves in creating a welcoming, happy, and inclusive environment where every child receives a high-quality education that celebrates our culturally diverse community. We value our teachers and have high expectations of all our students wherever they are on their education journey. We also work closely with our sister school in Deptford to offer our children inspiring teaching, learning and development opportunities. I hope you enjoy looking through our website and hopefully get a glimpse of all the amazing things we do at Invicta.

 Emily Perfect - Head of Invicta Blackheath

Head of School for Invicta Deptford,

As the Head of School for Invicta Deptford I am  really pleased to welcome you to our site and a wonderful team of dedicated and caring professionals who are committed to providing the best education and care for your children. We benefit from an amazing location on a large and spacious site with plentiful outdoor space and in a part of London with a rich history, sandwiched between Charlotte Turner Gardens and the River Thames. We welcome two forms of entry into Reception classes on our Deptford site each year. We work closely with our sister site in Blackheath to offer all our pupils a curriculum which celebrates our diversity and exciting teaching, learning and development opportunities that fulfil our Invicta-wide school values. We look forward to warmly welcoming you to Invicta Deptford to see all that we have to offer.

 Olyvia Shaw-  Head of Invicta Deptford


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Our Schools


Invicta Rd, London SE3 7HE

020 8858 3831

Directions to Invicta Blackheath


Trevithick Street, London SE8 3HL

020 8692 9157

Directions to Invicta Deptford

Prospective Parents

Prospective Parents

Invicta is a great place to learn!

Located on campuses in Blackheath & Deptford. We aim to inspire children's curiosity, in and beyond the moment, through a focus on creativity, physical activity and emotional health & well being.

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Prospective Staff

Prospective Staff

Invicta is a great place to teach!

We welcome creative & passionate staff who are willing to embrace change, take risks and have high aspirations for themselves & our children.

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Prospective Partners

Prospective Partners

Invicta is a great place to collaborate with!

By working creatively with partners we can create extraordinary learning experiences for children that foster aspirations and ambition whilst creating real value for our partners at the heart of our community.

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