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Invicta Primary School

Amazon Wishlist

We've created wish lists to enable parents, carers, friends, grandparents  and our wider community to buy items that the school really needs.  Below are links to each year group’s Amazon Wish Lists containing items that the teachers have carefully selected for their class.  If you are in a position to support the school in this way, please have a look through, and if you see something you would like to buy, just follow the same process as you would if you were ordering something for yourself.  Items will be delivered directly to the school, marked for the attention of the relevant teacher.  Thank you for your support; it is much appreciated!


Invicta Primary School Blackheath: 

Invicta Blackheath Year 6:

Invicta Blackheath Year 5:

Invicta Blackheath Year 4:

Invicta Blackheath Year 3:

Invicta Blackheath Year 2:

Invicta Blackheath Year 1:

Invicta Blackheath Reception:

Invicta Blackheath Nursery:

Invicta Blackheath SEN Provision:

Invicta Blackheath PE Provision:

Invicta Blackheath Playground:

Invicta Blackheath Library:


Invicta Primary School Deptford

Invicta Deptford Year 6:

Invicta Deptford Year 5:

Invicta Deptford Year 4:

Invicta Deptford Year 3:

Invicta Deptford Year 2:

Invicta Deptford Year 1:

Invicta Deptford reception:

Invicta Deptford PE Provision:

Invicta Deptford Lighthouse:

Invicta Deptford Play Area:

Invicta Deptford Library: