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Invicta Primary School

Challenge Partners


On the 20th - 22nd of March 2023 we were visited by a team of external reviewers from Challenge Partners, a national “network of excellence” consisting of many schools across the country,  who carried out a collaborative peer to peer review of our school. Our review was led by an Ofsted Lead inspector and a team of 3 experienced school leaders. A Challenge Partners review is different from other external inspections such as Ofsted and Local Authority reviews.  The review’s focus is on teaching and learning, and does not consider areas such as safeguarding or governance and its outcomes so is not directly comparable to an Ofsted inspection. It is however a thorough process which focuses on Leadership at all levels, the quality of provision and outcomes for all pupils and the quality of provision and outcomes for disadvantaged pupils and pupils with additional needs

Once again we had a very successful yet rigorous review! Unanimously, the reviewers came to the conclusion that the school is “leading” in all areas (leading is the highest Challenge Partners review category). In addition, the Invicta Primary School Pupil Leadership Programme was accredited as an Area of Excellence.  We are very proud of the report. Please read it here!

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