Emergency Provision

Thursday 26th March 

Our emergency provision is located at Invicta Deptford, Benbow Street, SE8 3HD. 

The provision is for parents/carers of essential workers who have no one at home to keep their child(ren) safe, or alternative means of childcare.

If you are in this category and you are not already on our provision mailing list please email: emergencyprovison@invictaprimary.co.uk


Friday 20th March

Please read carefully and complete the survey below if necessary as a matter of urgency

Thank you to all who completed yesterday's survey, it has really helped us in planning our emergency provision, and thank you for bearing with us during its organisation. 

You may be aware there is now new guidance for educational settings including emergency provision.

The government is clear that this provision is for key workers and parents/carers of vulnerable children who cannot keep their child(ren) safe at home themselves and the first key principle in this guidance is if it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be.

The guidance also gives some more clarity about who is classed as a key worker in this crisis.

The list can be found here:


The guidance is less clear about whether one or both (where there are 2) parents need to be a key worker. Our priority is to provide a service to every key worker who needs it to enable them to go to work, but I would urge all parents and carers to make a decision about accessing our provision based on the main principle above so the risk of the virus spreading is reduced and the school can work to provide a provision for those who need it to help during this unprecedented crisis. 

The provision in school will run daily for the next week from 9am - 3:30pm, at each Invicta site, and will follow the same provision that children are able to access each day on Google Classroom in the mornings, with a varied timetable in the afternoon, based on staff availability and to include outdoor learning and activities that are not linked to the usual school curriculum. Of course this provision may be subject to change during such an uncertain time. 

Further information about the provision will be shared with those accessing it later today

If you need to access our provision, INCLUDING IF YOU COMPLETED THE SURVEY YESTERDAY, please complete today’s form as a matter of urgency.

Please complete the survey NOW


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