Nursery Home Learning Ideas 

Monday 1st June - Friday 5th June


Hello everyone,

Half- term was lovely and sunny. What have you enjoyed doing with your family? We are back now with some more fun activities for you. And don’t forget to upload what you would like to share with us on Target Tracker. 

Enjoy this week’s ideas and the stories on Google Classroom!


Please get in touch with Ms Crescenzo if you don’t have access to Target Tracker yet.


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What you are looking for 

How children reflect on similarities and differences

How children control mark making tools

How the children comment on and explain changes

How the children use language patterns to make up new songs


Helpful links to educational websites 

Singing Hands - Nursery rhymes to develop vocabulary, using Makaton hand signs. 

Oxford Owl for Reading- Lots of free books for you to read to your child 

BBC A-Z Nursery Rhymes and counting songs Try to sing a song a day! 

Books and Games

10 Creative Maths Activities

Learning together- How a routine can help with learning at home

Ms. Crescenzo   

Mr Dentith       

Ms. Green      

 Google Classroom 

We have created a place where you can access videos of your child's teacher reading a daily story on Google Classroom. 

There are two classrooms available to log into, both contain identical content. Follow the instructions here to log in.Passwords have been sent via text.If you have any issues, please contact your child's teacher via email. 

Pre-nursery classroom- children born on or after 1st September 2016

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