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Sport 2017

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Music 2017

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EYFS 2017

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Invicta School History

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Photos from the past


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Check out some of the photos of our children involved in their maths week tasks! The children really enjoyed being immersed in maths challenges and problems all week!

Every Day Counts Competition Winners

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Exploring the improtance of attendance and punctuality through poetry and art

Y5 Wrotham 2013

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Cluster Sports week 2013

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Trafalgar Cluster Sports week 2013

Pride of Invicta, Royal Greenwich Time photos

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Invicta 'Outstanding' Ofsead 2013

World Book Day

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2012-13 Y4 Cutty Sark

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Photos of our trip to the Cutty Sark in September

Y5 Wrotham 2012

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Selected Photos from the Y5 Residential Trip to the Macmillan Centre in Wrotham

Y4 Wrotham 2011

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Rock Band

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test aw

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Making Forest Cakes in Reception 14.10.11

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We took the children into our Forest School area to make 'Forest Cakes'.

World Record Dance Attempt

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The whole school took part in an attempt to break the world record for the largest number of people dancing at any one time.

Invicta School Image Gallery

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Bethan Blase Photography Invicta School Image Gallery

Y6 School Journey 2011

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Photos taken during the Y6 School Journey to Wrotham

Year 3

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Maritime Museum

Breakfast Club

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Photos of breakfast club

Year 6

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Year 6 photos various May 2011

Year 5

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year 5 photos various May 2011

Year 4 Class trip

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Maritime Museum

Year 1

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Year 1 photos from trips

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