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Invicta Primary School

  Sports Premium Plan 2020- 2021



Sports Premium 2021/22 = £21380






Next Steps

Achievement in PE and Sport

The engagement of all pupils in regular activity - promoting healthy lifestyles

Continue to embed fundamental based sports curriculum

  • Fundamental skills based curriculum to promote physical literacy across a range of activities in KS1 and EYFS
  • Fundamental skills lunchtime activities
  • Use of sports leaders for fundamental skills lunchtime activities

Throughout 2021/22

Leadership time

Increase the range of activities taught in our curriculum map from KS1 to KS2.

  • The curriculum map for PE supports the development of children’s fundamental skills as well as introducing and developing skills for competitive and collaborative activities through a naturally progressive curriculum
  • Curriculum provides challenges and opportunities for analysis and improvement of skills through more traditional games
  • Replenish equipment to enable skills to be developed quicker and to allow opportunity for mastery
  • Continue CPD for staff to further develop knowledge of skills that underpin fundamental movement
  • Increase the range of activities taught during PE to give the children a more well rounded knowledge and skill level within PE.

Throughout 2021/22

£500 PE resources

Leadership time

Adapt swimming provision in line with new delivery from GLL.

  • Every child attends a two week intensive course of swimming lessons. 1 hour per day for two weeks from year 4 to 6.
  • Monitor children achieving above expected government standards for swimming attainment

September 2021-July 2022

£19,070 + £21,205 Surplus from 20/21 sports premium.

Continue to train and develop sports leaders.

  • Sports leaders to take a role in playground led activities 
  • Sports leaders to have training with sports leader
  • Sports leaders to have a more prominent role in planning and leading sports competitions.

Throughout 2021/22

Leadership time

Increase participation in competitive sport

Increase the number of intra-school competitions

  • Creating a competition framework between houses in each year with celebration for the winning team and children who have shown the values of sportsmanship
  • Intra-school competition calendar for KS1 & KS2 with termly competitions
  • Competitive sports day for both KS1 and KS2 in house teams

September 2021-July 2022

£500 trophies medals, certificates and sundries.

Level up participation rates in Inspire, Aspire and Higher competitions for A, B and C teams

  • Develop a fixtures calendar that will allow chances for inclusive for all children to participate
  • Maintain and develop the borough wide Boy’s and Girl’s football leagues with the chance for extra teams
  • Link leagues to the SGO and London Youth Games
  • Create a link with Greenwich district sports teams.

Throughout 2021/22

£500 sport specific equipment

Leadership time

Increase use of external providers with links to clubs to provide pathways for children to compete.

  • Use SGO to find contact details of external providers.
  • Contact previous external providers regarding running sessions within school.

Throughout 2021/22

£1000 for external coaches.

Utilise school staff to take children to increased sports competitions.

  • Staff to be paid to support children competing in sports outside of normal school hours.

Throughout 2021/22


PE and Sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement

Increase participation of sport and physical activity around the school and outside of school

  • Sports leaders  to run lunchtime sports sessions for children from KS1 and LKS2

Throughout 2021/22

Leadership time

Develop staff confidence and competence and delivering high-quality PE lessons through team teaching and planning

  • Develop PE lessons with class teacher and team teaching.
  • Assessment at the end of a cycle to highlight strengths and areas for improvement
  • Continued monitoring throughout the year in different disciplines
  • Team teaching with NQTs
  • Use GSSP for training opportunities for NQTs and more experienced staff.
  • PE team to run CPD sessions  for staff.

Throughout 2021/22

Achieve Gold Schools Games Mark (suspended for 2021/22)

  • Promote a love for learning, high quality teaching, ensuring that the provision in place for children is outstanding
  • Teachers have access to physical and electronic resources

Throughout 2021/22

Leadership time

Continue to develop extra-curricular menu to engage pupils

  • Create an extracurricular menu for KS1 and KS2 catering for traditional sports as well as fundamental skill development

Throughout 2021/22


Achieve Healthy Schools London Bronze Award

  • Promote healthy living and learning throughout the school curriculum and school day.

Throughout 2021/22

Leadership time

Confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and Sport

Continued membership of professional development networks

  • School to continue Greenwich School Sports Partnership hub membership
  • Opportunity for teachers to develop their practice and CPD
  • School to stay on top of any changes in legislation and health and safety
  • Access to competitions and leagues

Throughout 2021/22


Deliver onsite training for all staff through:

Inset days

Twilight training

  • Teachers to plan own sessions based around the needs of their classes
  • Teachers can opt in to CPD sessions that best suit their needs

Throughout  2021/22

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

Embed the extended curriculum provision into whole school practice

  • All children have the opportunity to participate in a range of high quality activities
  • Identify successful clubs as well as those that need to be changed/adapted in order to allow as many children to attend as possible
  • Provide links with the community for children to pursue passions in sport
  • Children to be given opportunity to access extra-curricular activities during school and before and after school


Leadership time




School Swimming Data - Year 6 2020/21


Year 6 children at Invicta Primary School attended an intensive swimming course consisting of a 1 hour lesson a day for two weeks.  The data for our year 6 cohort for the academic year 2020/21 is as follows:


Number of children: 57 (28 female, 29 male, 20 Disadvantaged & 14 SEND)

Number of children able to swim 25m: 53 (93.0%)

Number of children able to swim 25m (2 strokes): 46 (80.7%)

Number of children able to swim 25m (3 strokes): 43 (75.4%)

Number of children able to swim 25m (4 strokes): 39 (68.4%)

Number of children able to swim 100m+: 42 (73.7%)

Number of Disadvantaged children able to swim 25m: 20 (100% of DA children)

Number of SEND children able to swim 25m: 14 (100% of SEND children)