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Invicta Primary School

Our Vision


To provide a stimulating learning & teaching environment where every child and adult has the opportunity to enjoy the moment and prepare for their future.

At Invicta we aim to inspire children’s curiosity, in and beyond the moment, through a focus on creativity, physical activity and emotional health & wellbeing. We employ staff with interests and skills in these areas.

At Invicta we plan opportunities for children to learn in different ways by developing their personal resilience as well as ambitions for their futures.

Our Values:

Our shared school values lie at the heart of our school and help guide all that we do:
Invicta Values Poem
written by the staff At Invicta.
We are curious about learning. We bravely explore and question to expand our knowledge of the world, our community and ourselves.
At Invicta, we trust through respect, love, care and honesty. We support each other to provide a safe, compassionate environment where we can rely on everyone and have the freedom to take empowering risks.
At Invicta, we collaborate together to achieve shared goals; we support and celebrate everyone knowing there is strength in our togetherness.
At Invicta, we are an inclusive community that values, respects, trusts, shows security, support and forms relationships that are strong and powerful.
At Invicta, we motivate each other to reach for the stars as we know that ambition has no boundaries for a bright future.
At Invicta, our resilient journey accepts mistakes and failures as part of our growth. We are reflective, courageous and have self belief and emotional maturity to deal with challenges ahead.
At Invicta, we work cooperatively to respect and celebrate our differences which empowers and unites us in caring for ourselves, each other and our environment.
At Invicta, we are not alone. We are empathetic because we listen both at times of need and in our day to day moments through supportive peers and colleagues who help us to develop.


At Invicta we aspire for all our children to:

  • Enjoy the moment and prepare for their future.
  • Enjoy a happy, safe and healthy lifestyle.
  • Learn with confidence, enthusiasm and high expectations.
  • Consider others with respect and tolerance.


We achieve this by providing:

  • Excellent teaching – providing excellent learning for every child.
  • A caring school - valuing the contribution of children, parents and the wider community.
  • A creative curriculum - giving children real, purposeful and challenging learning experiences.
  • A rewarding atmosphere – taking every opportunity to celebrate the achievements and successes of our children.