Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is an early morning school club, run at Invicta Primary School.  We offer a high standard of care for up to 50 children aged from 5 - 11 years; we accept children in Reception from their second term at school.

The club runs from 7.45am to 8.50am during term time.

The cost per session is £6.50.


Items includes items such as; a selection of Cereals, Toast, Crumpets, Milk, Water and Fruit.

We aim to support parents who are working, or are about to start work.  All sessions booked for will be charged whether your child attends or not.  If you would like to withdraw this place you must inform the school in writing, two weeks in advance.  Fees are non-refundable there is no exception to this.

We are unable to offer child care provision on a week by week basis but do have some emergency sessions available for a one off place.

If you have the need to change the days offered, in the first instance, you will need to speak to the school office who will advise you if there is capacity to change the days.  Payments are expected to be paid for the days agreed on the registration form and any changes put in writing.

All fees must be paid in advance at the start of each ½ term. The school will closely monitor payments.  Amounts owing for two weeks or more will result in the withdrawal of the child care place.  Once payment has been made the child’s name will go to the bottom of the waiting list.

We are only able to accept your child on the days previously booked and paid for.

The Breakfast Club is a functional part of Invicta Primary School and is registered by OFSTED and is regularly inspected and evaluated.

All staff have undergone Greenwich Councils stringent suitability checks and are employed by Invicta Primary School.    

To apply for a place at Breakfast Club visit here


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