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Invicta Primary School

School Uniform

All children are required to wear school uniform. Jumpers and cardigans should have our school logo on them and these can only be purchased from JK Clothing.

We have good quality second-hand uniform available from the school office.



Our colours are charcoal grey, black and white and the uniform is as follows:

  • Required: Charcoal grey school or cardigan sweater with school logo/name
  • Required: plain (or with logo) white polo shirt OR school colours polo shirt from J K Clothing Uniform suppliers
  • Required: Black or grey trousers, shorts, skirt (around knee length), pinafore or culottes


  • Optional: Book bag or junior-sized backpack (school logo bags are available from J K Clothing Uniform suppliers)
  • Any coloured tights, socks or leggings (as underwear, NOT as an alternative to trousers/skirt/ dress)
  • Optional long sleeved white or grey top under their school polo shirt
  • Optional: Gingham dress in the summer term (blue/pink or green)
  • A comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes (colour optional) to school
  • An appropriate coat in cold weather


Children cannot:

  • Wear leggings as trousers, joggers (tracksuit bottoms), jeans, skin-tight trousers, trousers with studs or skin-tight skirts
  • Wear hats in school
  • Wear gloves or scarves in the classroom
  • Wear high-heeled shoes or open toed shoes or sandals


For PE all children need:

  • Black sportwick t-shirt (available from JK clothing)
  • Gym bag
  • Black PE shorts
  • A pair of trainers
  • Plain black tracksuit for outdoor P.E.

On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school.
Children can wear small studs in their ears.

Make up and Cosmetics
Make-up and cosmetics are not considered appropriate or consistent with our school uniform. The school does not permit such products to be worn by any children, unless there is a specific event for which the Head has given permission.

All clothing and footwear should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Children should bring named reusable water bottles into school each day, although drinking water is available from our fountains and at lunchtime

Please ensure all items of clothing are named, especially coats and sweatshirts/sweatcardis

Our uniform is stocked at JK Clothing, a company based in Eltham. This can be ordered online at, by email on, or there is a shop in Eltham that you can visit.