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Invicta Primary School

Welcome to Nursery!

At Invicta Primary School, we aim to provide children with rich and authentic experiences to support your child's development. Every child has a right to grow up feeling safe, healthy and to make positive contributions in our society. Our priority focuses on a child's holistic development; physical, social, intellectual and emotional needs. At Invicta, we encourage children to share their feelings with one another to create a comfortable environment, where every child's voice can be heard. Each child is valued through their individuality, and our teaching and learning is followed by them. 


At Invicta Primary School, we aim to: 

- Create a safe and stimulating environment for your child to grow.

- Promote individuality and self-confidence by encouraging children to express themselves in a way that is comfortable for them. 

- Value every child's journey through education by focusing on realistic expectations. 

- Set firm foundations with their learning by providing a broad, balanced and creative curriculum. 

- Work in partnership with parents/carers to not only support your child's journey, but to dive deep into culture, religion, heritage, ethnicity and home life, so we can teach all children about our world. 

- Foster independence, decision-making and problem solving skills for your child. 


 Learning and development is categorised into three prime areas of learning:

- Personal, Social and Emotional Development

- Communication and Language

- Physical development


There are four specific areas of learning:

- Literacy

- Mathematics

- Understanding the world

- Expressive arts and design


Achievement of these prime and specific areas of learning is by:

- Playing and exploring

- Active learning

- Creating and thinking critically


If you take a look around our Nursery page, you can see the fun and exciting activities your child participates in! 


Class Newsletter

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